As DentEtiler, which started to provide services in the field of oral and dental health in 2011, we use state-of-the-art equipment for the oral and dental health of all our patients, and we proceed with expert physicians in their fields.

We provide services in the fields of surgery and implantology, gum diseases, teeth whitening, orthodontics, aesthetic prosthetics, prosthetics, adult dental treatment and pediatric dental treatment with 5 specialist dentists and assistant physicians.

Our Mission

We closely follow the latest technologies developed in the field of oral and dental treatment and constantly renew our diagnosis and treatment methods with the most up-to-date technologies.
Our mission; is to always provide the most accurate and up-to-date service to our patients.

After diagnosis and treatment, we stand by our patients in all their needs and act with the mission of always taking the bond we have established one step further.

Our Vision

Our goal; is to provide oral and dental health treatments to all segments of the society with the same quality and confidence.

In line with our goal, we are constantly working to take oral and dental health treatments to the next level by using the most up-to-date technologies. While doing this, we prioritize patient and employee satisfaction; We are moving forward with the vision of being a pioneering polyclinic that constantly improves itself.

Our Services

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Smile Design
Digital Smile Design
Digital Design
Zirconium Teeth
Monolithic Bridges
Milling Design
Emax Crowns
Pink Aesthetics
Porcelain Lamina Teeth, Leaf Porcelain, Nanoveneer
Inlay and Onlay Ceramic Aesthetic Fillings
Tooth Diamond


Fixed Orthodontic Treatments
Removable Appliances
Incognito (Lingual Orthodontics)
Orthognathic Surgery (Jaw Surgery)
Mini implants

Wireless Orthodontic Treatment

Wireless Orthodontics (Invisalign Aligners)
Transparent Aligner
Measurement with Itero Digital Scanner


Full Chin Implant in One Day with All On Four-Six-Eigth Implant Technique
Mini Dental Implants
3D Jaw and Dental Tomography
Jaw Bone Grafts
Digital Surgical Guide

Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery

Treatment of Jaw Joint Diseases
Sinus Surgery
Wisdom Teeth
Jaw Cysts
Impacted Teeth
Digital Anesthesia
Apical Resection
Prf Prp Cgf Techniques

Gum Treatments (Periodontology)

Gum Aesthetics
Pink Aesthetics
Gum Recession
Bleeding Gums
Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatment
Frenectomy (Lip/Tongue Tie Removal)
Laser Dentistry

Dental Prosthesis

Complete Dental Prostheses, Palatal Prostheses
Precision Bonded Dental Prostheses
Hooked Dental Prostheses
Removable Prostheses
1 Day Immediatric Implant Tooth on Implant

Pediatric Dentistry

First Meeting with a Pediatric Dentist
Fissure Sealant (Tooth Polish)
Fluorine Application

Special Treatments

Bruxism Teeth Clenching Treatments
Dental Botox
Nausea-Free Easy Impression with Digital Dentistry
Prf Prp Cgf Techniques
Conscious Sedation