Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

The first area that attracts attention in people's appearance is their faces and their smiles. In this sense, the appearance of our teeth is very important in our social relationships, social identity and image. A beautiful smile integrated with healthy teeth adds self-confidence and self-esteem to the person. It gives him respect and admiration in his social life.

Aesthetic dentistry aims to achieve a visually more aesthetic appearance with applications on teeth and gums in teeth that have undergone discoloration due to various reasons, broken, irregular, crooked and deformed teeth due to trauma or decay, color and form disorders in the gums, tooth deficiencies.

The aesthetic treatments applied with the help of the latest technological scanners in our clinic will help to bring you the most aesthetic treatment that can be done in the shortest time.

In which cases aesthetic dentistry is preferred?

  • Congenital discoloration of the teeth or discoloration caused by the use of antibiotics during childhood
  • Stained teeth due to fluorine deficiency or excess
  • In the anterior region teeth fractured as a result of accidents and trauma
  • In front tooth caries with too much material loss (in cases with tissue loss too large to be filled)
  • In teeth with long and bad appearance caused by gum recession
  • In teeth with aesthetic problems after gingival treatments
  • Restoring the aesthetics of the smile line, which is disrupted by congenital missing or excess teeth
  • Correction of proportional deviations in tooth, gum, lip relations
  • People with too many visible gums
  • Reshaping the teeth lost due to different reasons in the anterior region in accordance with lip and facial aesthetics
  • Reconstructing the old and tired appearance caused by collapses in the facial area due to excessive tooth loss and jawbone resorption with prostheses
  • Aesthetic arrangement of deformations in the jaw and teeth as a result of unwanted accidents

Which treatment methods are used;
  • Porcelain Laminate Veneer
    They are porcelain veneers that adhere to the front surfaces of the teeth. It is one of the most conservative (protective) treatments. Depending on the condition of the teeth, treatment can be performed without removing any tooth tissue or with minimal removal of tooth tissue. They are very aesthetically successful because they are very thin and do not contain metal. Laminate veneers have a unique ability to allow light to pass through, making the teeth to which they are applied look completely real. In 7-14 days, the treatment that best mimics real teeth in terms of aesthetics is applied.
  • Zirconium Based Crowns and Bridges
    Zirconium alloy, which has started to be used with the innovations that have emerged in aesthetic dentistry in recent years, has started to replace the metal used in traditional veneers. In addition to bringing a very good aesthetics thanks to its white color, it has become a very useful restoration thanks to its high durability in the use of posterior region teeth.
  • Full Ceramic Teeth
    Full ceramic teeth mimic the light transmittance of enamel and are more transparent than zirconia crowns because they have no metal substructure and are made entirely of ceramic. It is very natural due to its high light transmittance. It is very difficult to distinguish from a real tooth.