Inside the tooth root, there is a vascular-nerve bundle, popularly known as the "nerve of the tooth", which nourishes the tooth. In case of damage or inflammation of this tissue due to untreated caries, the process of removing the tissue, shaping and cleaning the root canal and then filling the canal with filling materials is called root canal treatment. After root canal treatment, the tooth is not re-infected and can be used for many years when anti-caries are taken.

How is root canal treatment performed and how long does it take?
The patient is anesthetized, the tooth decay is cleaned and a cavity is opened into the tooth. The pulp chamber is accessed and special instruments are used to enter the canals from this part of the tooth and various procedures are applied and disinfected to clean them from bacteria, then the pulp chamber and canals are filled with various medications and closed with a temporary filling. This process may take several sessions. In some cases, root canal treatment can be performed in a single session, while in abscessed, inflamed teeth, the treatment is prolonged as this situation is tried to be passed by making dressings. After the tooth heals, the root canal filling is completed. How long this period will be depends on the condition of your tooth.

What should be considered during root canal treatment?
Do not use your tooth to chew hard foods between root canal treatment sessions. Since your tooth has a temporary filling, your tooth may break.
You may complain of pain between sessions, consult your dentist for dressing.

Your face may swell between sessions. There is nothing to worry about, this is a reaction caused by microorganisms and is corrected with dressings. Inform your physician.